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This is the first in a series of posts examining NOAA’s Climate Change Toolkit for educators.  The toolkit is located on NOAA’s Climate Services Portal, at www.climate.gov, under the Education tab.

Climate Change Wildlife and Wildlands.  Ecoregions.  Case Study – Western Coastline.

The Climate Services Portal contains material geared toward educators.  This post will examine the above material, which is a 4-pages case study about the western coastline ecoregion.  The case study is broken into 5 parts: (i) general introduction, (ii) impacts of climate change, (iii) spotlight on a species, (iv) profiling a climate steward, and (v) resources for more information.

The introduction provides a relatively straight-forward description of the western coastline ecoregion, and the last section provides links to other information.  Other than noting the biased description of the IPCC as the “definitive source of unbiased climate change science,” I will not comment on these two sections and will turn to the three substantive sections in the middle.



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