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I haven’t posted much recently, due to some work changes, as well as a trip I recently returned from to Antarctica (primarily the peninsula and surrounding region).  Hopefully will have a few more posts coming soon, and I promise to also show off some cool pics of the Southern Continent!


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The topic of climate and climate change is one of the most interesting and controversial issues of our time.  It touches on questions of science, politics and psychology, and cuts across political, national and cultural lines.  It has the ability to impact, and is impacted by, our individual philosophical and ethical worldviews.

Much ink has been spilt and will continue to be spilled discussing and debating these issues.  Amidst the cacophony, this blog is a modest attempt to present objective commentary on a small sampling of the myriad issues — my reflections, if you will, about not only climate and climate change, but the very climate in which these issues are discussed.

I do not have any preconceptions about where this blog will take us, but I trust it will be an interesting journey.  Thank you for joining me for the ride!

Eric Anderson

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