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Today (September 30, 2014) marks the last day of the 2013-2014 water year.  Given that I have been otherwise occupied and the last water year I discussed was 2010, an update is certainly in order.

As everyone is aware, there has been a tremendous amount of discussion and a fair amount of concern about the current drought situation in California.  Indeed, the November ballot contains a measure to authorize a $7.5 billion bond offering to fund “water quality, supply, treatment, and storage projects.”  Without getting into the merits of the upcoming ballot measure, I wanted to offer a quick update of the precipitation situation, now that the 2014 water year is effectively in the books.

Northern Sierra 8-Station Index

For simplicity’s sake, and for direct comparison with my prior post, I will use the Northern Sierra 8-Station Annual Precipitation historical index as the basis for looking at precipitation over nearly a century.  The 8 stations used for the Northern Sierra precipitation index are: Mount Shasta City, Shasta Dam, Mineral, Quincy, Brush Creek, Sierraville RS, Blue Canyon, and Pacific House.  A map of the area covered is below (courtesy, the California Department of Water Resources): (more…)


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